Summer skirt

Summer skirt. . . made during my children’s nap time.

That’s why I like this skirt so much, because it’s quick and easy to make.

I have quite a few in my wardrobe. 😉 So let’s get to work quickly.

What you will need:

-cotton jersey fabric ( approx. 50cm or however long you want the skirt)

-sewing measure


-elastic ( if you want elastic at the waist)

otherwise I’ll show you how to make a belt with a patent


– sewing machine

Before cutting into the fabric, take the measurements for the skirt.

Measure your waist, hips and the length from the waist to where you want the skirt to be long.

You have your measurements and now divide the waist measurement by 2 and subtract approx 6cm from the total (to make the skirt itself fit your body better), also pay attention to the stretch of the fabric. Add a cm more to the length at the bottom and also at the top if you use elastic (depending on the width of the elastic) You can see how to sew the elastic in one of my previous posts. . . how to make knitted leggings. The procedure is the same.

Example: hips. 95cm /2 =47,5 subtract 6 cm from this to get 41,5 cm.

Turn the fabric so that the two patterns are together ( cheek to cheek) and cut 41,5 cm wide.

Then cut the length. The skirt can go under the sewing machine. . .

or you can cut at the top and bottom on each side to make the skirt more close to you.

As shown in the picture, mark 2. 5 cm at the top and 14 cm at the side with a pencil.

Cut diagonally from point to point. Fold the fabric in half and do the same on the other side and underneath.

Now cut the fabric for the waistband (patent), then subtract a cm according to your measurements (again depending on the stretch of the fabric). Cut a long strip, e. g. 70cm long and 20cm wide.

Fold it in half. . . once again mild cheek to cheek. If you don’t have such a long strip, you can also sew the two pieces together. Just like I did. Sew the patent on the other side.

Fold in half. As shown in the picture

Insert the patent (belt) into the skirt as shown in the picture and fasten with a pin. Pin the part of the patent that is not sewn to the skirt.

Sew around and around and the skirt is almost finished.

The lower part still needs to be hemmed. Fold the fabric 1-2cm inwards, reattach with a pin and sew with zigzag stitch.

The skirt is a done 😉 It wasn’t difficult, what do you think ?

Yours Evelin-made with love 🙂

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