Sewing zippers

I kept putting off sewing the zip and finally put an end to my fear. You know what?

I have found that it is not that difficult and after a few products it becomes fun.

And because I always like to share my knowledge with you, in this post I’ll show you

how to sew the zip on a sleeveless top.

I made a single sleeveless top in a soft cardigan, which also comes in very handy on summer evenings.

I’ve also added video instructions to make the decision to sew the zip even easier. 😉

Let’s get to work.

Cut out all the sleeveless sleeve pieces according to the pattern. Hood, lower part and 2x first part. You will also need a zip and a patent.

Place the last and first two parts on top of each other. The samples must be together. Tuck in the top shoulder and sides of the sleeveless and fasten.

Do the same with the hood, sewing it together at the back only. Add a patent fabric to the border.

See how to sew a zip in the video below.

The zipped sleeveless is made. You can also make shorts and your little one will have a great set.

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