Sewing with cotton muslin

The muslin fabric is soft and pleasant to the touch. The non-stretch fabric is the closest in appearance to a baby cotton nappy.

It is already very popular abroad and is used to make all kinds of garments, and it is now coming into use here.

It can be used to make shirts, jackets, tunics, scarves. . . .

In this post, I’ve made a video tutorial on how to make a scarf that you just tie around your neck.

It’s quick and easy. A suitable project for beginners.

It is sewn in the same way as a small scarf, but you need a larger piece of fabric.

What you will need:

-muslin fabric ( cut 2 triangles 90cm-60cm-60cm )

-head pins or clips

-scissors and sewing machine

You can choose your fabric here. . . .

. . . . and you can watch the full sewing process in the video.

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