Sewing the ear headband with the ribbon

For little princesses, you can now make your own ear headband. This is a strap that ties to the headband and can be adjusted according to the size of the head.

A suitable project for complete beginners and the video instructions will make sewing even easier.

Use a cotton jersey or French terry to sew the ribbon. If you are going to use a French terry, check how much the fabric stretches. If it is a little small then add a cm more when cutting. Best by feel, as it would not be nice to have a little one pushing the tape around.

You can find a few new fabricsamples in my online shop. You can sew several of them together to combine them with different outfits.

You can do it yourself, but take into account your head circumference.

I hope the video will help you with your sewing and that you will make a few of these headband.

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