Sewing summer dress on ribbons

I made lightweight muslin summer dresses for my girls. Sewing a summer dressis great fun and easy.

I’ve been making dresses in this pattern for a couple of years now and I have to admit that they are so light and nice to wear, and the girls are real ladies in them.

Are you interested in how to cut the fabric and sew a summer dress with ribbons.

What you will need:

-printted cut

fabrics( muslin, jersey, poplin)

-sewing machine, pins, scissors

Cut the pattern to the desired size and adjust it a little. It will be no problem to increase the top part by approx. 7 cm. You can do more if you hem the top part so that you double

-That’s the thing about making amends. However, you can still use the cut for the original dress as intended. This way your daughter will have two outfits. 😉

When you have cut out both parts of the dress, hem the underarm part. As shown in the picture Do this on all four parts.

Then fold the top of the dress over so that the string passes through. Sew this part on.

Now you have the sides of the dress.

Then hem the bottom of the dress.

Then thread the string through the opening at the top with the clip. You can have just one and tie it on one side, or two and then tie it on both sides of the ram.

You can use jersey for the string. Cut a strip approx. 2cm wide and the length depends on how you tie the string. The best thing to do is to measure your baby first.

You can also tie the string at the opening to prevent it from coming out. Just as the picture shows.

I hope it worked and you like the dress?

Have a nice holiday 😉

Your Evelin-made with love

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