Sewing children’s trousers

Sewing trousers is simple and. . . they can be made with or without pockets.

For the dolls, we can make one of these cute ones with ruffles

and I’ll show you the process here.

You can see how to make trousers with pockets for boys in the video below.

You have often written to me about how I do the ruffles on my trousers or on my tunic.

I do them using these two methods and I like them best. . . maybe there is another way.

You decide which you prefer.

Cutout the trousers from the hood and one ribbon of any length and width to be sewn to the back of the trousers.

Trim the band on one side.

The first way:

-fold the ribbon and button it on the trousers or fasten it with clips.

The second way:

-after the part that you have not hemmed, make a straight stitch along the entire length of the ribbon and then pull the thread like this,

that your goods wrinkle

-also attach it to the back of the trousers and when you have sewn the first part of the trousers together, attach the waistband of the trousers and sew everything together with the pleat

I sew with an overlock sewing machine, so I sew it all together inside and the thread is not visible.

You can see how to make the trousers here.

Trousers with wrinkle are made.

You can also use this method to make ruffles on tunics or as a finishing touch on sleeves. Believe me, the girls love them.

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