Sewing children’s pyjamas

Why not take this time to sew pyjamas for your child.

You choose the goods that he will like and you start.

Maybe also a gift idea or make everyone in the family pyjamas with the same pattern. 😉

A customer gave me the great idea that you can also make pyjamas out of cotton. Especially for children who are exposed at night and this fabric is a bit thicker. And I went into action.

What you will need:

-cotton jersey or cotton cover

-fabric patent

-printted cut


-head pins or clips

– sewing machine

Cut out all the pieces and start.

If you would like to make the pyjamas more snug for your child, you can cut two no. smaller, but the length remains as it is for no. on which you sew your pyjamas.

To make sewing even easier, watch the video instructions.

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