Sewing children’s gloves

Winter has already shown its side and little hands won’t get cold,

i was sewing gloves for my girls yesterday.

Since it is very simple and easy, I will share the process with you.

You can make single gloves out of e. g. a furry warm glove

or just warm fleece.

Or double fleece-lined and jersey or overdressed.

What you will need:


-fabric patent

-the pattern (drawn by you)


– sewing machine

Draw the pattern by wiping your child’s hand. Make it a little wider so that it doesn’t cramp your hand. Add 1-2cm seam allowance and a little to feel for

the stretchability of the fabric. One fabric stretches more than the other.

If you are going to work for babies, don’t draw the thumb part, just round down.

Place the cut on the fabric and trim.

If you are going to work lined, you need to cut 4 inner and 4 outer pieces for the glove. Cut the patent fabric approx. 15cm lengthwise and fold it over

about 3 cm less in width than the opening of the glove itself. So that it squeezes nicely in the wrist and the glove doesn’t slip down your arm. Sew the patches to the side.

Sew all the parts of the glove together and place the inner part inside the outer part of the glove.

Align everything neatly and attach the patent at the end and sew it to the glove.

That’s how gloves are made and your children won’t get cold.

You can also make a cap and a tube scarf to make a nice set.

The pattern for the hat can be done here.

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