Sewing chickens

Easter is coming up and why not, besides painting Easter eggs

get creative with the kids and sew chickens

You can use them as decoration at this time,

and when the holidays are over, you can use the chicken as a pincushion. 🙂

The kids will love it and you can use up the leftover fabric from your sewing.

What you will need:

-cotton or decorative fabric

-felt ( beak, flower, etc. )

-marker and head pinns

-scissors, sewing machine

Cut out a rectangle (any size) and cut out a beak, a flower,. . . Place on the fabric as shown.

Fold the fabric and tuck in where you have placed the accessories so that they don’t slip out when you sew.

And sew around. . . leave the bottom part open and do not sew it now.

Turn the hen on its right side and straighten the edges.

Draw an eye.

Fill the hen with the filling, if you don’t have any you can use rice.

Once you have filled the hen, you turn the hen on its side and button and sew the fabric.

The chickens are ready. I hope you had as much fun and enjoyed it as we did.

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