Sewing baby yoga sheets

Would you like to sew a baby yoga sheet for your baby. You’ll find cute fabric patterns in our shop,

that will delight you and your child.

This is a very easy project that even beginners in sewing can do.

For sewing you need :

– cotton fabric

– elastic, scissors and sewing machine

Before you start sewing, measure the baby jogging suit for which you are going to make the sheet. You need length, width and height.

I used our cotton fabric, but you can also use jersey.

Cut a square on all four edges. My bill size is approx17 cm. Then sew the two pieces together.

Just as I have shown in the picture. Fabric cheek to cheek. Repeat the process on the other three parts of the sheet.

Then you have to sew on the elastic. Choose a thinner elastic, I used one about 1cm wide. Check

how much the elastic stretches and cut less than the circumference of the sheet to allow you to stretch the sheet neatly.

You can first hem around and around, leaving an opening through which to thread the elastic. When you wire it , then

sew the opening and the yoga cot sheet is finished.

Alternatively, you can sew elastic around and around the edge of the sheet. You stretch the elastic as you sew it. U need to use

zigzag stitch to prevent the seam from bursting. Then hem the sheet and you’re done.

Next time, I’ll show you how to make a pillowcase and a blanket.

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