Sewing a women’s cardigan

Every now and then I manage to make something for myself, and since I know you like to sew for yourself too

i’ll share how I made the cardigan, with you of course.

We have very nice fabrics that are suitable for sewing such garments.

Of course, you can also use jersey, but then the cardigan is more for summer days.

I chose these triangles with deer, which can be combined with blue or zenf.

If you don’t like deer triangles so much, you can also use stars.

I made the cardigan using this process, which is so simple and quick that it is suitable for beginners.

To liven things up a bit, I also sewed a scarf in zenf.

How to make such a scarf in one of my next posts.

The length of the cardigan you decide by yourself . . maybe add a button so you can fasten it too.

Cheerful to work. . . i hope you succeed.

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