Sewing a slipper bag

The new school year is coming and since my girls need new slipper bags, I started sewing.

Of course, I’d love to share the instructions with you too, in case any mums find them useful.

If you have trouble sewing, you can also watch the videosewing the backpack.

The sewing process is similar.

What you will need:

– cotton fabric

-string (approx. 1m)

sewing machine, pins, paper clip

Cut two pices of fabric I chose a size 25cm wide and 35cm long. Of course, you can also choose other dimensions,

if you need a bigger bag

You can also make two fabric samples. In thise case you cut 25cm as well For the length, one piece of fabric is 25cm and the other 10cm.

Sew the two parts together to make one part of the bag. The rest is as shown on the bag with the elephants.

Hem the top of the fabric a few cm from the edge on each side. Do this on all four pieces of fabric.

Then turn the fabric cheek to cheek (the fabric pattern is held together) and sew the two pieces together.

Once you have sewn the bag, sew it correctly and make the edge for the drawstring. Cut the edges on the side to give a nicer edge.

Fold the top edge over and hem. The opening should be such that the string will pass

through Then just thread the cord through the opening with the clip.

The bag is made. You can tie the two ends of the string together, or make a knot at each end to prevent the string from going backwards.

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