Sewing a blanket

Already familiar with the fabric waffle? I added this product to my shop a while ago and I really liked it.

It has been sewn abroad for some time and has become a real hit. They sew children’s clothes, bags, scarves, blankets. .

If you haven’t got to grips with these goods yet, now is the time.

I have already ordered new colours of fabric and it will be with us in the next few days.

But today I have prepared two easy projects for you to sew with waffle fabric.

If you are a complete beginner, this will be ideal for you. Or a great gift idea.

We will sew a summer blanket and wash mittens for your little ones.

First you choose the colour of the waffle fabric. . . . colours can be viewed here. For the duvet, cut a fabric size of approx. 75 x 80 cm.

This is a smaller blanket suitable for babies. Alternatively, you can cut a larger piece of fabric to make a bigger blanket if you wish.

Please note that this fabric shrinks a little after washing. Once you have cut the desired size of fabric, hem it.

The easiest way is to fold the fabric twice and button and hem with a straight seam.

I also offer blankets in my other online shop, Lušne stvari. I look forward to welcoming you. 😉

And then there are the washcloths, which are very popular in my house.

The girls use them for washing, and I made some small ones for removing make-up.

They are very handy for washing babies, and later they wash themselves with the help of a wash glovs.

Cut two pieces of waffel fabric. Size somewhere around 28 cm x 20 cm. . of course, you can also make the size to your liking.

Sew the fabric together at the sides on the inside. Cut the edges at the top to give a nicer edge when turned correctly.

I recommend sewing the seam with an overlock stitch to prevent the threads from tearing when you wash it.

Leave the bottom opening open and hem it at the end.

I hope that you all like waffle fabric and that you will like to sew with it.

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