Sewing a bandana for a puppy

Today is a slightly different kind of blog. It will be all about our furry friends who brighten up every day of our lives. Are you fans of dogs, cats ? I know I certainly am. I know a Boston Terrier named Roxy, who became the first dog model for Evelyn’s bandanas. She seems to love being the centre of attention, posing and attracting on every walk.

I sewed her a dog bandana and she looks very cute with this dog fashion accessory. Roxy was very excited about the scarf so I decided to write a blog on how to make a dog scarf and make other dogs look as cute as Roxy.

As winter and new year time is coming I have chosen a penguin jersey fabric to be in style with the season. Alternatively, the shawls can be sewn from cotton fabric.

So get your sewing machine ready and let’s start sewing this easy dog bandana that anyone can make.

What we need :

  • sewing machine
  • fabric (jersey or cotton)

Once you have the fabric selected, cut two identical triangles

Dimensions: 60 cm (longer) x 40 cm (shorter) part

Place the fabric cheek to cheek and sew around and around. Leave an opening of approx. 2 cm to turn the bandana right side out and then sew it on by hand or sewing machine.

Lots of fun sewing for furry friends.

Bandana can be used as a gift.

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