Sewing a baby bib

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned to you that my sewing journey started with these slinks.

My second daughter, she drooled a lot and it came out in streams when her teeth were growing. . .

I kept changing my bibs, my ruffles. . . . nothing has helped.

As I found those big “plasticised” droolies ugly, I went on a campaign to find something more suitable.

A bib that can be worn even when we leave the house. 😉

Soo cute and of course leak dont go throu.. The result is this little bib, which I now call a chic little bib.

It’s just big enough to “catch” saliva and protect the T-shirt from a little dirt.

To tell you what the secret is, the little snot doesn’t get wet right away.

Use a fleece fabric on one side. For summer, I prefer a flannel, although this is more moisture-wicking.

Since I don’t make them anymore, I will share the pattern and the making process with you,

i used jersey fabric. . . of course you can do it too, or you can use cotton cloth. . . . muslin is also an option.

Bib sewing is suitable for complete beginners like i was 😉

What you will need:


( if you need a bib for the little “slugs” then use one part fleece and one part cotton)

-printted cut


-pliers for nets

– sewing machine

Cut out two parts of the bib according to the pattern and turn the fabric cheek to cheek. Sew around and around, leaving only 2 cm opening hole.

Turn the bib correctly and then sew the opening.

You can continue the seam all the way around the bib to prevent the underwire from puckering. You can also turn it on both sides, so you have

both sides bib.

The bib is ready. Only the fastening nets need to be fitted.

You can see how in the video below.

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