Sewing a baby apron

Your kids love to cook and bake too, and are always skipping around the kitchen while you’re making lunch or baking biscuits.

We make pancakes almost every week, but soon we will also be making biscuits and other sweet treats.

Since my daughter needed an apron for kindergarten, I naturally went into action and made her one.

I have come up with the idea of a double-sided apron, and of course I will share the process with you again.

Make aprons for your children or grandchildren and they’ll be even happier to hang around in the kitchen and help you cook.

What you will need:

-printted cut

-cotton fabric ( 2 different patterns possible)

– head pinns


– sewing machine

Place the cut piece on the folded fabric and trim.

Repeat for the other part of the apron. Cut 2 strips to go around the waist and 1 strip to go around the neck. Best to measure how long you need the strips.

Or you can use my measurements. The age of the child is 5 years.

-waist 2x approx. 30-40 cm

-headband approx. 40-45 cm.

The strips can be sewn in different ways. . . you can put it on its side and turn it over properly or fold it in half ( as you would a hem) you can use.

also a border strip.

Place the two pieces of apron fabric cheek to cheek. Place the tie straps on the sides now.

Sew together, leaving only the top part open.

When you have sewn the apron, cut the edges on the side so that you have a nice hem. Then turn it correctly.

Place the headband on top and sew the opening with a straight seam.

You can also go over the whole apron with a seam to stop it billowing.

The apron is made and your little ones are ready to get creative in the kitchen 😉

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