Recently, a friend asked me if it’s hard to make leggings for a baby.

My answer was no right away and the idea came to my mind to show you how easy and fast you can make leggings for your child.

The process is the same for all ages, so you can make one yourself.

Lets started:

To make leggings, you need a jersey fabric that is stretchy and fits your body nicely. Various samples of cotton jersey are available at www.evelin.si

First you draw the cut … place the folded spiders you already have at home on a piece of paper and wipe them with a pencil. Add a few cm more at the bottom and top for the elastic and for the bottom edge or if you want the spiders to be a little longer.

You do not need to buy a cut, as such a cut is completely sufficient and will be just right for your child.

So the pattern is cut. Now lets start for real.

You need a slightly cotton jersey, elastic (somewhere 2-3 and long depending on the child’s waist) scissors and a cut that you have previously cut.

Of course we don’t forget about the sewing machine 🙂

Fold the fabric in half and place the cut on the fabric. Use scissors to trim around the cut. Use scissors to trim around the cut.

Repeat the procedures to get two pieces as shown in the picture.

Then turn these two pieces so that the cheeks of the fabric are on top of each other and the upper part on each side is fastened with pins.

For sewing stretch fabrics, the best is a sewing machine called an overlock.

Since I know that many of you have only ordinary sewing machines, I recommend that you use a seam that will not tear when you stretch the fabric.

Some machines have an overlock stitch in the program, but if not use a zigzag stitch. Every sewing machine is different, so it’s best to try stitches before you start and use the one that suits you.

When you sew on each side, turn the leggings so that they are sewn in the middle and repeat the inner side of the spiders by sewing.

Leggings are allmost done. Sew the elastic and the bottom edge. You can also use a patent instead of an elastic band.

How to make patent leggings in one of the following blogs.

Place the elastic on the upper inner edge of the spiders and sew the upper part around and around.

Stretch the elastic a bit while sewing, but not too much … when you get around and around, cut off the part of the elastic that you have left.

Then fold the elastic inwards (so that it is not visible) and sew the lower part of the elastic around and around the waistband again.

All you have left is the bottom edge, which you also fold inwards and sew.

That’s how your leggings are finished. I hope you did well and that you will make some more.

Yours Evelein- made with love

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