How to sew a baby poncho?

A baby poncho is a very handy piece of clothing for days in transition.

Why not make it yourself. Following the instructions I have prepared for you in this blog post will be this

simple and easy.

Also suitable for complete beginners.

You need a baby t-shirt and sewing fabric. The best ia French terry, which is a little warmer.

Fold the fabric twice so that you have two folds of fabric. Place a T-shirt on it and trim around the T-shirt. You can also mark it with chalk. Trim

from 5-10cm away from the shirt. Depending on how wide a poncho you want. You determine the length yourself.

The collar of the front part of the poncho is cut a little more round so that it will be known which part is the first and which is the last.

Place both pieces face to face and sew the shoulder part, sleeves and part of the side part.

As shown in the picture

You can sew the collar with a patent (the same procedure as in the videoof sewing a sweater) or you can just fold it and sew it with a zigzag stitch or hem stitch. Roll up the sleeves and just do the bottom

two stitches so you don’t unwind back. You can also capture side parts or leave it that way. Attach two more nets on each side and the poncho is made.

Yours Evelin – made with love

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