How to make a dinosaur bath towel?

Can’t wait for the holidays? We are very, very slowly counting down the days until the holiday at sea.

Most kids love water and would be in it all the time. Be it in the pool or in the sea.

And as the time of summer joys in the water approaches, I decided to show you

how can you make a new hooded towel for your little ones from old towels.

You can add more “flowers” ​​to it and your toddler can become a scary dinosaur.

Although I chose the blue color and the dinosaur motif, my girls didn’t complain about anything. On the contrary, there was a quarrel over whose towel the dinosaur would be.

I prefer to use such towels or a bathrobe for my girls. Ordinary towels always crawl out of the body,

this is what the child is wearing, at least when he comes out of the water for a while;)

To make a dinosaur towel you need:

-1x small towel (for face)

-1x larger towel

– head pinns


-fabric (for ears)

– sewing machine

– button (if you want)

Fold a small towel on each side and sew the middle pieces together if you don’t add dinosaur flowers. thise will be a hood from towel.

For dinosaur earsyou need 3x three triangles and sew each on two sides.

Once you have sewn all three triangles, cut off the tip of each one above. This will give you a nicer edge. You turn them correctly.

Attach all three ears (triangles) in between in the opening of the hood, as shown in the picture and sew them on a towel.

Turn the hood to the right side.

Fold a large towel in half and mark the middle with a pin or clip.

Then unfold it and place the hood in the middle of the towel and sew it on. Where I sang with pins, as you can see in the picture.

Finally, sew a button on the side and a fastening strap and a dinosaur towel is ready.

Your toddlers will be thrilled and I’m sure they’ll have the coolest towel on the beach. 😉

Yours Evelin – made with love

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