How to make a cloth bag?

We are always creating something at home, especially my eldest daughter is always the initiator.

In this post, I’ll show you how to make cotton bags.

The children can make them themselves or you can help them.

The bags can be used for slippers, gym equipment, library. . .

This time we did them for a children’s shop. . . this kind of game is a big hit in our country lately. 🙂

Alternatively, you can make a larger size and actually use them for the real store.

What you will need:

cotton fabric (non-stretch)

-sewing meter, sewing machine, scissors

You choose the size of the bag, cut two pieces of fabric and two more strips for the bag handles.

Lay the fabrics on top of each other (cheek to cheek ) and sew around, leaving an opening at the top.

Fold the fabric at the top (opening of the bag) and hem with a seam.

Cut the edges of the sides as shown in the picture. When you turn the bag, the edges get nicer.

Now you have the handles, fold the ribbon in half and sew it in place. Then turn the handle to the right side.

Now all you have to do is sew each handle to one side of the bag.

When sewing the handle, you can make two x-shaped stitches to secure it more firmly. It would not be a good idea to tear the handle of the bag the first time you use it.

You can also sew a button or side pocket onto the bag. Be creative.

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