How to hem with an overlock sewing machine?

I prefer to sew with jersey fabrics, which are very suitable for children’s clothing.

I usually finish tunics, sweaters and trousers with a snap, which also lengthens the garment a little

and my children can wear it for longer.

There is also an easier and quicker way to finish e. g. a tunic or trousers.

Want to know how? Then the following instructions will be just for you.

In the end, all you have to do is to finish the piece (e. g. tunic or sweater) This time I made a sleeveless top for one of my girlfriends and hemmed it with an overlocker

sewing machine. Turn the sleeveless ( garment) correctly, the way you will wear it.

Turn the goods backwards as shown. Take a slightly larger edge, otherwise the edge will pucker too much on the piece.

And fold it in half again. Staple with a pin around and around the edge.

Sew around and around with an overlock sewing machine.

When you have sewn, just turn the edge of the sleeve downwards and you are done.

Simple and quick 😉

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