Handbag for little ladies

We’re well into our holidays and, as well as swimming in the sea and our home pool

and my girls also love to create. That’s why this time I’ve come up with a post with an idea for

holiday creativity. We moved the sewing room to the terrace and were grateful for every breeze that cooled us down a bit in the heat.

Even though the heat was very intense, the desire to sew didn’t stop us. 😉

Every little lady loves to play with handbags, whether they’re baby bags or from her mum’s wardrobe.

We wanted to make shoulder bags. My older daughter called it the Luna bag.

Interested in how to make a bag like this?

You will need:

-cotton fabric remnants

– rope


-cut for handbag

– sewing machine

Cut out a circle of any size and fold it over to make a semicircle. You choose two pieces of fabric for the inside and outside of the bag. (4 pices of fabric)

Lay the fabrics one on top of the other, and then cut the bag by pinning it with the bobby pins.

Older children can already cut out the fabric themselves.

Then sew the inside and outside of the bag. Each part separately.

Then insert the inner part of the bag into the outer part and insert the drawstring at the sides. Fold the fabric inwards and button and sew around and around.

The bag is made and let the games begin.

Yours Evelin – made with love

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