DYI ears strap

The time is coming when children will need ear bands. In the post below, I’ll describe how you can make it yourself. Believe me, the child will be even happier to wear it, knowing that you didn’t mess it up.

Lets start. Measure the circumference of your child’s head before cutting the fabric. If you don’t have a tape measure, you can also use a piece of string and then measure it with a tape measure.

You will need:

-stretch fabric ( best cotton jersey)


-sewing tape measure and pins

– sewing machine

You have the circumference of your child’s head and subtract approx. 3-4 cm from this (depending on the stretch of the fabric) so that the headband fits your child’s head well. Cut a piece of fabric lengthwise (head circumference – cm) and widthwise approx. 20cm or less depending on how wide you want the ribbon to be. Fold it in half so that the patterned part of the fabric is together. As shown in the picture and fasten with a bun.

Sew the part that you sewed with the bun with zigzag stitch.

Then turn the fabric right side out and fold it in half lengthways.

Sew the zigzag stitch around and around the ribbon.

After you have shone round and round, turn the ribbon so that the seam is in the middle.

Then just wipe the tape so that the seam is not visible and the strap is done. I deliberately sewed with a regular sewing machine, but of course you can use an overlock sewing machine, which is even easier and faster.

The ears strap is made. What do you say, it was quick, wasn’t it?

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