Do it yourself – a simple jersey skirt

It is also the case with you that skirts are the most popular piece of clothing.

They don’t run out in our closet.

I will show you that you will always have them in stock,

how to quickly and easily make a jersey skirt. Your girls will love it

You are left with pieces of fabric and you do not know how to use it.

Idea and insctruction are here. 😉

What you will need:

-fabric jersey


– head pinns

-sewing meter

– sewing machine

For girl from 3 to 6 years of age, cut approx. 50 cm wide fabric (you can also cut 25 cm twice and sew it together) and approx. 36 cm long.

You can measure the length yourself, but take into account another 2-3 cm edge for the elastic and 2 cm for the bottom seam.

Slightly fold in half and sew with overlock stitch or zigzag.

Fold the top as much as you have a wide elastic band and a little more for the seam.

Fasten with pins and sew around and around.

Leave a 3-4 cm hole. You will thread an elastic band through it and sew it on later.

The easiest way to pull the elastic is with a clip

Make sure that the other part of the elastic does not escape through the opening. You can hold it with one hand. Once you have installed the elastic, sew it together.

Align the elastic nicely and sew the opening you left for the elastic. Sew the elastic to the skirt by hand on the edges so that the elastic does not move.

You are left with the lower part of the wing to capture it.

Fold it twice and fasten with pins around and around and sew. You can also iron the edge so that the edge will fit you better and make it easier to sew.

Such a skirt is made. Quick what not … but how easy. I believe that now the stock of wings will increase in you as well.

Yours Evelin – made with love

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