DIY Advent calendar

It’s the festive season of December and a time for creating and enjoying beautiful moments. Do you have a habit of opening the Advent calendar with your child and counting down the days until Christmas?

Every year I make my own advent calendar and our girls love it. Every day, they open the bag with the greatest of joy. I prepare the slips of paper with the inscriptions in them, and of course, one day there is a sweet surprise.

Maybe some of the ideas I write on slips of paper will come in handy.

  • story time
  • baking cookies
  • visit a libary or muppet show
  • making some snow from papier, gift cards
  • do sth good for other
  • wisit city at night
  • playing arcade games

I hope some of you find these ideas useful. Now how easy it is to make an advent calendar. .

What you will need:

  • fabric to make 24 bags, which means 48 pieces of fabric of any size ( I used approx. 17×20 cm)
  • a sewing machine, if you don’t have one you can also glue the fabric together with glue
  • string, paper, scissors, pencil

First, hem the top of the piece of fabric that will then be used to make the bag. Then place both pieces cheek to cheek

and sew together

Once you have sewn the bag, turn it over and align the edges correctly. Put a message or a sweet surprise in it. You tie it

and attach the number for the day the child will open it.

This continues until you reach 24 bags, which the child will keep opening until Christmas. You can hang the bags on a string or place them

in a basket or hang them on a bunch of branches you and your child pick up in the nearby woods.

Now get to work. . . . the first of December will soon be here. 🙂

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