Creating with children

I’ve put together one more idea for you to create with your children during the holidays.

When I go to the grocery store, I usually use reusable bags,

but every now and then I bring something else in plastic.

Especially the small ones, when you only buy a couple of products. Every time I am horrified,

when I think what a poison to the environment plastic bags are.

From an early age, I encourage my children to behave in a kind and friendly way towards the environment.

So this time, we’ve coloured the cloth bags the way we want them, so the girls will know,

that this bag is intended for trade. And they will remind me if I ever forget. 🙂

What you will need:

-a cloth bag ( you can also make it yourself by clicking)

-textile paints (felt-tip pens)

-drawing templates ( we used plasticine templates,

you can also use cookie cutters or let the children draw as they wish)


Put cardboard in the bag to make it easier for your child to draw on the fabric. Let the creation begin.

The child can use the stencils to draw an outline and then paint what they have drawn.

Our eldest loves to draw so much that she soon put the stencils aside and drew whatever she wanted. But I gave her a free hand.

They can also write their names on the bag, so everyone will have their own. Or what you will use the bag for. Like library or toy. . . .

In short, let children create as they wish.

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