Balloon skirt-how to sew it yourself

Moms of boys, don’t be mad at me,

because there’s something for girls again in this record.

I promise to prepare something for the boys soon;)

You often write to me if I have a cut for a balloon skirt or how to sew it.

I have been sewing such skirts for quite some time

and so they seemed a little “old” to me but I can see that the dolls still love to wear them.

You are interested in how you can draw the cut yourself and sew a balloon skirt for your daughter or maybe another one for yourself, according to the instructions given,

I folded my daughter’s plain jeans skirt in half and laid it on a sheet of paper.

Wipe the skirt, draw the outer lower part more on the bell. As shown in the picture

I used fabric from our store namely cotton jersey for the outer and inner part of the skirt. You can also use non-stretch cotton.

You also need an elastic band and the cut you drew.

Cut out the two outer parts of the wing and the two inner ones. The inner one should be about a centimeter shorter.

Sew only one side piece on the inside and outside of the wing.

Then lay the outer and inner part of the skirt on top of each other (face to face) and sew the elastic to the bottom.

The elastic should be about 7 cm shorter than the width of the stretched wing.

Sew the elastic to both parts of the skirt below.

When sewing, stretch the elastic a little.

Stretch the skirt as shown in the picture and sew the other side part along its entire length.

All you have to do is sew a patent on your belt. Turn the skirt correctly. You can see how to sew a patent in the video tutorial, because I sewed a sweater.

The procedure is the same.

So the balloon wing is over.

You can also sew a lacebow at the side.

Yours Evelin – made with love

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